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17 / 03 / 2017

Cinema branding

A reflect upon branding from the City of Stars.

La La Land, the film of the time. Yes, I’m going to talk about it, but not for its 14 Oscar nominations, nor for its brilliant soundtrack. Neither for its director’s great job or because at the end of the film the whole room was touched and many had to quickly resort to a tissue to dry their tears, probably unexpected.


I’m going to talk about a tiny detail from the film, which for someone from the world of communication perhaps isn’t so tiny. It’s a logo. If you’ve seen the film you know what logo I’m referring to, if you haven’t, I recommend you go see it while it’s on theaters and pay attention to it. This logo means a lot to their main characters, it’s much more than a symbol. It’s the brand that represents a story, their story.


In the world of advertising, this representation is the foundation on which we nowadays build a brand image, the perception the audience has of it. We can define it as the thread that links the associations made about it, the characteristics and attributes of a product or service the client perceives.


As individuals, as a collective or as a company, we all want our brand to be valued and taken into account, whether its personal, a product or service. Therefore we must make it known, recognized and considered a value to bear in mind. For that to happen we must manage the perceptions and position ourselves as we desire on the minds of those people we wish to make an impact on. It’s about leaving our trace, our impression, through a set of planned actions we are going to carry out in order to generate experiences that cause a positive reaction in our audience.


Turning a product or service into something different, acknowledged and valued is the purpose of branding. This way, branding becomes a method to get your brand to be known, know what it does and obtain the deserved recognition. It consists on comprehending what the attributes, strengths, abilities, values and passions are that make it unique and apply them to differentiate it from the competition and finally, clearly communicate what it offers.


Everything to make your brand a superb brand.