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17 / 03 / 2017

Packaging design and commitment

We often find how our designs can have an impact on our surroundings that goes beyond merely aesthetics.

One of the most visible features of graphic design is packaging. For its impact towards the customer, for its brand awareness and for the diversity of approaches it offers when it comes to creativity.


The market, increasingly competitive, challenges us every day with new proposals, formats and designs on constant evolution.


Us, professionals dedicated to graphic design, packaging design and communication, are seduced by the idea of presenting the most original and striking proposals we can imagine, and in those moments of creative explosion we aren’t aware that we become accomplices and prescribers of the use of resources many times unnecessary, that don’t add value to the product and generate great amount of waste.


It’s a fact that as consumers we are more and more aware of recycling but, are we as designers? do we consider these aspects before tackling a project?


Let’s do an experiment: on any given day we take a stroll through a mall, a supermarket or any establishment and we devote a few minutes to analyse products. It doesn’t matter if it’s food products, fashion, toys or any other kind. Let’s then think what percentage of the total of the product will go to the bin at the time we take the purchase back home, what part of the packaging is recyclable and what parts we consider dispensable.


Beyond applicable legal regulations, we believe that, as design professionals, we must become aware of the process and evaluate, along with our clients, proposals that offer creative solutions and that, in addition, bear in mind the environmental impact. Fortunately many brands evolve and opt for more ecologic, sustainable and long lasting materials, and for a more “intelligent” use of these resources.


We are responsible from the very moment we start working on a project and pose possible solutions and applications. When we sit and think about packaging design, let’s analyse too what the route and cycle of life of our work will be.