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Aceitunas y Encurtidos Zambudio is a company set up in 1975 with the commitment to innovate and provide customers with the very best olives and pickles in the marketplace. Despite ongoing growth ever since the company was created, a key business element needed to further evolve: the brand.


The challenge went a step further and required us to put together a visual communication plan that addressed each and every corporate aspect of the company: branding, packaging, signage, website, online store and stand, among others.


The solution resulted from cooperative work between Artsolut and the client. It is important to consider that Aceitunas Zambudio is a brand well-known by consumers, meaning the transformation could not be too radical.


Our approach to this challenge was to design a modern, readable, compact brand that could be easily adapted to all formats while retaining some key original features.


From there, all branding elements were developed and visually modified to create a look and structure that were coherent, modern, evolved and adapted to the latest market trends, while still maintaining the relevance and position gained by Aceitunas Zambudio over the last 4 decades.


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