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Alicia Ruiz, owner of Alethia Óptica, invited us to create a brand that reflected who they are and made them stand out as a very personal and professional project. An optical of Murcia from a technological and human angle. The project included the full development of a visual identity manual, indoor and outdoor signage, decorative elements, web design, merchandising and, in short, all brand-related communication aspects.


We wanted to create a brand that broke away from standards and traditional stereotypes for this type of business. Our brand proposal was a logo based on a vision chart, with letters from largest to smallest size forming a triangle. A solid and modern brand easy to recognize and remember. We decorated the optical store with simple, iconographic elements, while respecting the architectural structure and space. In the video we prepared with the invaluable help of El Paso Producciones, Alicia invites us to know her project come true.


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