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KAROTI TAKE Hiranyagarba


Hiranyagarba posed a complicated challenge. The restyling of a logo loaded of ancestral symbolisms from diverse cultures, for us to renew without losing an apex of that spirit.
Subsequently, we must develop the communication tools and packaging of their different product lines: packages and labels, catalogues, brochures and creative advertising.



This is the result of a restyling of a company with a marked philosophy that combines medicinal and spiritual millennial traditions with a profound scientific knowledge of the natural ingredients.
Karoti-take arises from the merging of two terms: Karoti (from the Sanskrit) and take (from the Japanese).
Similarly, we wanted to represent this duality in the product, so we resorted to both the Asian minimalism and the ornaments found in the Indian culture.


KAROTI TAKE - Packaging








For a joint presentation of the elixirs we designed a box with interchangeable slots. A multipurpose solution that can be used as display at the point of sale.


KAROTI TAKE - Graphics / Advertising

The new range required a catalogue as their business card, a guide that presented each elixir next to a brief explanation on its properties. The final result is a uniquely configured brochure. The ranges are divided by sections, staggered and perfectly identified by colours.

A striking composition, that gets to working the aesthetic behind the legibility, so it’s another tool that guides the user throughout the different products.

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