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Merry JR Sabater


In this occasion, the client orders an update of the brand Merry, vinegar national market leader, and the subsequent label design of products and catalogues.
The briefing demands the continuity on the brand’s recognition from the end-user.


The result is the brand’s evolution towards a more modern and dynamic visual, keeping original elements such as colour and composition.

For the packaging, we opted for a simplification of the graphic structure that would ease the legibility and recognition at the point of sale.


Merry - Branding

Merry - Packaging

Under the Merry brand, JR Sabater produces and distributes an extensive family of vinegar, derived, sauces and syrups for confectionary products. Up to the upgrading time, there was quite an incoherence regarding the packaging design.

Our challenge was creating all the product range designs, keeping and boosting the base line of every package, same font, size and a simpler and cleaner design, leaving some blank areas so that both the image and text were sufficiently visible at the point of sale.


Merry - Graphics / Advertising

JR Sabater needed practical graphic material where they could include every product with their technical characteristics, ingredients and formats. A technical dossier for their clients that was handy and the range could be seen with just a glimpse.

For this, we proposed a brochure where all the products, categories, formats, icons, capacities, ingredients, etc. could be visualised. Additionally, it was performed in several languages since it is very useful and functional as a fair trade catalogue.

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