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Q de Calidad Murcia Turística


The brand ‘Q de Calidad’ is a special certification granted to those touristic establishments that fulfill a quality, safety and professional guarantee.
Their main objective is to become a reference when it comes to ensuring clients the best touristic experience possible.


A seal that guarantees your quality to your clients? Isn’t that a great idea?
That’s what we believe and that’s how we wanted to present it for the new campaign.
A clever concept game that emphasised the brand’s main feature facing the clients: meet all their touristic enjoyment desires.


Q de Calidad - Graphics / Advertising

Catálogo Q de Calidad




The campaign was also used to illustrate the cover of the catalogue of Q de Calidad Turística, with compiled information on every establishment that had been granted with the prestigious certification.

A functional and clean design that presented with clarity and elegance the piece of information given by Murcia Turística.


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