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6 / 10 / 2017


Lots of things have happened in the last ten years…

A decade ago, Facebook and Twitter were just created and people still sent text messages, chatted on MSN and used CDs or MP3 to listen to music. Everyone did their shopping in stores and libraries were the places where we commonly looked for information. Nobody had a smartphone, social networks and friends were made in bars and a cloud was a mass of condensed watery vapor. We never imagined we could need a personal shopper or a community manager. It was impossible to predict that we would be slaved by our need to publish what we do every minute of every day and we never suspected that we would become connectivity junkies 24/7.


Our project was launched ten years ago, adapting to circumstances and to some tough years laying ahead of us. We evolved and understood that communication is alive and ever-changing, and that we need to evolve with it, to learn new strategies, to know new languages and to empathize with the society we interact with.


Since then, we continue doing what we like best: creating ideas!