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About us Artsolut


The Artsolut Studio project was born on an ordinary day, early 2007, when Andrés Montalbán and Fernando Marín, after an astounding decade on different studios and agencies, decided it’s time to join forces and build a space where design and creativity pursuit, above all, the success for the product, brand or service we are working for.

Then, as well as now, there’s only one way we desire to do it: with enthusiasm, developing creative processes where the client actively participates and we both obtain benefits from the collaborative experience, establishing an enduring relationship with effort, honesty and clarity.



Branding. Corporate Visual Identity Design
Logo, brand, naming
• Business stationery
• Manual on Corporate Visual Identity Design

Web Design / App Design
Responsive web design and programming
• Web positioning (SEO-SEM)
• Content management
Application design for mobile devices (apps)
• User interface design

Graphic Design and Editorial Design
• Catalogues, brochures, flyers
• Magazines, books, publications, memoirs

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