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De Egipto a Carthago Nova Cartagena Puerto de Culturas

Exposición en Cartagena

Cartagena Puerto de Culturas presents a new exhibition that highlights Cartagena’s cultural wealth. Under the title “De Egipto a Carthago Nova”, the display travels through a fantastic recreation of the Pharaoh’s Treasure Chamber, connecting it with the city’s history and the rest of the mediterranean cultures that left their mark on it.


The exhibition wanted to show the unique cultural fusion that Cartagena represents, and we wanted to transfer that concept to the main graphic.
Drawing from the egyptian and roman’s most representative and acknowledged culture aspects: their artistic expressions, we recreated a mixture of both in a simple, yet eye-catching graphic.


De Egipto a Carthago Nova - Graphics / Advertising

Actividades de la exposición \"De Egipto a Carthago Nova\"
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